Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WWWAT - Summertime

Summer is my favorite season and my favorite time of year. As a southerner summer always seems to bring lazier days, and life as I wish it could always be. My favorite part about southern summers are summer storms. Sadly I have no pictures of these glorious storms, but I do have a few other favorite things about summer, so they'll have to do.

Bright Colors!!

Fabulous sandals!!

Barefeet AND dips in the pool!!

Enjoy your summer and hop on over to Rachel's blog to check out the other entries!


Rene said...

I'm a southern gal myself but now living in arid Colorado. I have to admit I miss the green of a southern summer but not the humidity that comes along with it! Great pics!!

Unknown said...

I love ALL of those things! Thanks for playing!

Unknown said...

Oh I love sandals, but I really love to be barefoot.

I just love it after a long winter the store ads start breaking out the blues and limes and pinks...and you know summer's on its way!