Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Life is pretty normal right now, however this also equals boring and therefore nothing super interesting to post on this blog. The kids have been fine, although it's always a struggle with the 3 year old. Right now Nana is visiting so that makes for occasional interesting events. Yesterday we engaged in a full out tickle war with the 3 year old, me, the 13 year old, and Nana. At one point the 3 year old was so exhausted from laughing he said, "Oh I think I'm going to die!" Needless to say we got a great laugh from that. Other then that I've been filling in for the mom driving the kids to different sport activities. Like I said, life's pretty normal. Scary. . .

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hippity Hoppity!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

To all.

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Friday, March 7, 2008

The heaven that is cuddling.

So, I decided to juxtapose my last title with today's, as I talk about the lovely day that was today.
This afternoon about 3:30, after the exhaustion of school and play hit him, the three year old fell asleep on the chair watching TV. His mom came in from and errand and decided to cuddled with him for about an hour. She put him on the couch as she was leaving, and I waited until her and the older two kids had left before I tried to wake him up. So I gently go over there and tell him it's time to get up, and immediately he's diving into my arms going, "cuddle first" and falling right back to sleep. It was so sweet! It was like he was a baby again, just so calm and non-aggressive. *sigh* He's the best when he's sleeping - LOL. So we sat like that for 20 minutes. It was quiet and the rain and the wind was going on outside - I seriously could have fallen asleep myself, because he generated so much heat and the weather. It was blissful. :)
Then I finally got him up, and made dinner, and decided that he and I would make our own movie night, since his mom and sisters left us at home. So after dinner I checked the movies, and Firehouse Dog was coming on. He loves movies with animals in it, so it was perfect. I popped some popcorn with his help, because he asked to help (I let him punch in the time on the microwave), and we turned on the movie. It was a perfect night, really. The movie was great, I really enjoyed it myself, and he had seen it before, so it was fun to listen to him try and tell me what was going to happen next (he has a pretty amazing memory for this stuff).
Honestly it's the days and nights like this that make it all worth it.

The hell that is Chuckie Cheese!

Okay so maybe it's not exactly hell, but it is chaos, that's for sure.
On Tuesday night we all went to Chuckie Cheese for the elementary school's PTA Fun Day. Surprisingly it wasn't that crowded by the time we went, but seriously, do they pump sugar in with the air? It's like sensory overload!! And of course, the three year old wants to run around like a crazy person jumping on every game and trying everything. This was actually his first time there, so boy was he excited!! We let him play whatever he wanted to, even if he wasn't old enough to get the concept. He loved hitting the hippos as they popped up, trying to kick the soccer ball into the goal, and of course "driving" everything! We did actually get him to eat one small slice of pizza, but he was crawling all over the booth, he was so antsy!
The most frustrating part, of course, was just keeping up with him. As soon as one ride/game was over, POW he was off to the next thing! Pushing past people, jumping in front of people - oh my goodness. Like I said, sensory overload. Now I understand why the mom hasn't wanted to go there. It's insane! The guy working the prize counter was very nice though - he basically let the three year old have two prizes that were 60 tickets more than what he actually had (so sweet).
Of course now all we hear is, "We go to Chuckie Cheese?!?!" Oh dear . . .