Saturday, February 23, 2008

Future Me?

This week I had another overnight stay at work, while the parents were away. I usually enjoy these overnights, but am completely wiped out at the end of them, even if it's only 3 days (as this was). Something always happens during these overnights that make me reevaluate my behavior, reactions, or expectations, and this time was no exception.
I usually have one day of these overnights where I get so irritated at every little thing and blow my cool. Usually I can blame it on PMS, or sheer exhaustion, but whatever the situation I always regret it 2 seconds later. I want the kids to enjoy being with me, yet not feel they can take advantage of the fact that I'm not their parent, but I was also raised a certain way that makes me have high expectations of them, age appropriate of course. I won't go into detail, because it's very frivolous and only makes me feel worse, but this time it involved the three year old. I lost my cool with him over not listening, even though it was such a minor thing that was more irritating to me, than harmful. I've been trying so hard to be as pleasant as possible, yet firm, because we've been dealing with the issue of him screaming and running away crying every time I show up. Even though I don't take it personally, I want to do what I can on my end, to help him get over this phase, or whatever you want to call it.
This time it just got me thinking. Will I be like this when I become a mom? Are my kids going to have to worry that once a week I'm gonna blow up at them over something stupid? Or will I be different because they are my kids? Will I be worse because they are my kids? I feel like I've learned a lot about myself over the five years I've been a nanny. Most of it positive, but then you have those days that make you question whether or not you're fit to be a future parent, no matter how strong the desire of your heart.
I know we've all been yelled at by parents, and the simple fact is no one is perfect and that parents will yell and get mad at their kids. I just hope that I can start not letting the little things get to me so much, and recognize when I need to step away from the situation, no matter how much I want it to be done my way.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love day!

Just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Hope it is full of love in all shapes, sizes, and forms!

Not too much new going on here. Working hard and trying to keep a positive attitude, even on the days when I walk in the door and the the three year old goes running and screaming to the other room! LOL Guess we all know who he loves!
Anyways, have a great week!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Teenage life.

For us it was *NSYNC, Hanson, and The Backstreet Boys. Today it's The Jonas Brothers. Every generation has its own "boy band" that has the little teeny boppers going crazy.
"Oh, I'm gonna marry that one!"
"No, I am!"
LOL it's always the same.
I was on reading some message boards, and found this hilarious signature on one of the posters posts, and it sums it up brilliantly:

"If Joe Jonas were to say that breathing wasn't cool, 95% of teen girls would be dead."

Are we that predictable at that age? I think so. ;) You can deny it all you want, but 10+ years ago, that would have been me and you.
So, keep breathing or you may miss your next "teeny bopper" moment.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Mardi Gras!!!

Today the three year old classes at the preschool held a Mardi Gras parade for parents and the other classes. I've been staying overnight since Wednesday, because my boss had to have lasik on one eye, so I got to go and watch the 3 year old. They were all so cute! They wore green, gold, or purple and they wore crowns and masks that they had decorated this week. The teachers handed out beads, and the kids got coins too. They seemed to have a lot of fun! Here's a little video clip of the festivities! Sorry it's grainy, but it's from my cell phone. Enjoy, and HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!