Friday, July 18, 2008

Just something pretty.

So for those of you who don't know me as well as others, I am OBSESSED with So You Think You Can Dance during the summer. I think there is a hidden dancer inside of me that never had the opportunity to be released (long story. let's just say I had a sheltered childhood) and now I have to live vicariously through the dancers on SYTYCD. Last season was really amazing, and I am a HUGE fan now of the choreographer Mia Micheals. I think lyrical dance is my absolute favorite, and I just wish I could move like they do. So here's my favorite dance from last season featuring a song by Elisa called "Dancing."

The girl in the previous video, Lacey Schwimmer, was one of my favorite dancers. Well now Elisa is releasing a new U.S. album, and in honor of that her website has created a new video featuring Lacey. It's so pretty too, that I had to share, so enjoy!!

Hope your summer is full of beauty and art!!


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I had to read past your WWWAT, and...I am just as obsessed over SYTYCD and think that there must really be a dance inside of me somewhere too :-) I too love Mia and Lacey, thanks for sharing the video!!! I hadn't yet seen it!