Saturday, October 18, 2008


Ok, ok so I only did one entry about my California trip!! I'm so sorry, but we were really busy and then when I got home it was back to life (a.k.a work)! However, I wanted you to know that I made a few videos on my trip, so you can see all the trips we made. To see these videos just go to my Youtube channel. Please check them out and rate/comment if you feel so moved! LOL I had lots of fun making the videos (and I discovered my computer has a nifty little movie making program, so I was able to add effects and transitions!! Yay me!! LOL), so enjoy!!
Also, I took tons of pictures, which you can still find on my Myspace page. Just click on my picture and then go to the California photo album!! I meant to post a bunch of them for WWWAT, but I got back late Tuesday night and Wednesday was insane, so alas, I did not get to post. :( Oh well, maybe next time. :D