Saturday, February 9, 2008

Teenage life.

For us it was *NSYNC, Hanson, and The Backstreet Boys. Today it's The Jonas Brothers. Every generation has its own "boy band" that has the little teeny boppers going crazy.
"Oh, I'm gonna marry that one!"
"No, I am!"
LOL it's always the same.
I was on reading some message boards, and found this hilarious signature on one of the posters posts, and it sums it up brilliantly:

"If Joe Jonas were to say that breathing wasn't cool, 95% of teen girls would be dead."

Are we that predictable at that age? I think so. ;) You can deny it all you want, but 10+ years ago, that would have been me and you.
So, keep breathing or you may miss your next "teeny bopper" moment.


Mommy Beauty said...

I remember having a crush on Joe from New Kids on the Block. I liked Jordan, too. That was second grade! hahaha I got a pillow and a book about them from the Dollar General on Main Street. By the next year, I'd lost the book and the pillow was always flipped around to show the blank pink side instead of the beige side with their faces. hahahaha I'm laughing a lot because I lost my mind somewhere on 92 and I'm not capable of much else given the amount of sleep I've had. I'm sure you know how stuffy noses keep kids from sleeping through the night.

Christin said...

I totally should have put NKOTB up there too! LOL I had a friend in Abbeville who had the lunch box, the sleeping bag, the bedding, everything NKOTB!! LOL I was soooo jealous! ;)