Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WWWAT: Goals, Change, etc.

Yay it's time for the first WWWAT for 2009! And I totally remembered! So our theme this time is change, goals, new beginnings, etc. You know, all the things having to do with the new year and resolutions. So, I thought the first picture should be a self-portrait of me now, because I hope to change myself this year. Not just physically, but also behaviors, etc. I feel very work focused right now, and I hope to change that to become more people focused. My New Year's resolution is so be able to make that time for friends and family, that seems to be taken over by work (because I can't say no). So here I am, flaws and all.

My next resolution is typical, yet not. Yes I want to lose weight, get healthy, etc., but I also don't want to be ruled by this thing we call "the scale" (said in a deep voice with a hint of doom to the tone). I don't want my mood, emotions, or the way I feel about myself on any given day to be dictated by a few numbers on a scale.

Then comes the big one. To be more financially responsible. At this point I don't really have a choice, I'm being thrown into it head first. My mother is going on a four month mission trip, and I'm left to take care of myself and the house by myself. Of course I've lived on my own, so this is nothing horrifically new, but this feels different.

And last, but not least, my goal this year is to put myself out there. To be open to love, and see what God's plan for my relationship status is. I believe God has put desires in my heart that cannot be fulfilled by sitting on the couch. So I'm stepping out in faith.

I also want to start blogging more consistently. Not only about the hard things, but the really great things. I figure you're looking at my blog now, so I don't need a picture for that. Please come back and visit, and see if I accomplish this goal. I don't promise it'll be interesting, but I'm going to try.
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HIS daughter said...

Hey Girl :) Thanks so much for commenting on my blog!
Your goals sound great for 2009 and I will definately be stopping in to see how it goes :)

American Mum said...

Great goals! That candy can picture is so cute! My 2009 be a year of achievement!

Mandey said...

those are great goals! and I too love the candy cane picture.